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Steps to follow to get consent

Apply using the Planning Portal

We recommend that you apply for bulding regulations approval using the Planning Portal service. Online submission of applications helps to facilitate a quicker and more responsive service. The service is provided so that all parts of an application can be completed and submitted electronically.

You can only use this application method for Full Plan, Building Notice, and Regularisation application types.

Apply on the Planning Portal

Apply by email or post

To apply directly to Southwark Council Building Control for building regulations approval, follow these steps:

  1. Complete and sign the applicable application form
  2. Provide a copy of an ordnance survey map, outlining the property where the works are to be carried out
  3. Provide two copies of the plan showing the existing layout, if applicable, of your building works
  4. Provide two copies of the plan, providing details, specifications and elevations of the proposed work you wish to carry out to your building or structure
  5. Provide engineering calculations that relate to the proposed building works if applicable

To apply by email:

  1. Email your completed application to The maximum attachment file size is 10Mb. If you have files larger than this, either send as a 'winzip' file or in multiple emails.
  2. Payments can be made by card by calling 020 7525 5397 or 020 7525 5582 

To apply by post:

  • post your completed application to our address below; payments can made by cheque, or be taken by calling 020 7525 5397 or 020 7525 5582
    • PO Box 64529
      SE1P 5LX


Page last updated: 21 June 2022

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