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Southwark's Biodiversity Action Plan

A new Biodiversity Action Plan, The Southwark Nature Action Plan (SNAP) 2020 (PDF, 5.2mb) has been produced and adopted by the Cabinet.

The BAP has been developed by the Southwark Biodiversity Partnership in accordance with national, regional and local legislation and policies. The BAP is a combination of themes and habitat and species action plans

The SNAP contains the following themes:

  1. Making Nature Accessible for all
  2. Biodiversity Net Gain
  3. Nature Recovery Plan

The SNAP contain the following Habitat Action Plans

  • Built Environment Habitat Action Plan
  • Gardens and Grounds Habitat Action Plan
  • Parks and Open Spaces Habitat Action Plan
  • Woodland Habitat Action Plan
  • The Species Action Plans

The SNAP contain the following Species Action Plans

  • Hedgehog Species Action Plan
  • Stag Beetle Species Action Plan
  • Amphibians and Dragonflies and damselflies (Odonata including suborder Zygoptera)
  • Species Action Plan is:
    • Bats Species Action Plan
  • Birds including House Sparrow, Swift and Raptors Species Action Plan
  • Native trees and woodland flora and fungi Species Action Plan
  • Pollinators including bees and butterflies Species Action Plan

A consultation was undertaken in 2019 on nature conservation in Southwark. The summary report of the consultation (PDF, 359kb) is available to download.

How you can help

A guide to creating habitats and ecological features for local wildlife has been produced.

View the guidance on creating habitat and biodiversity features for parks and open spaces (PDF, 7.4mb)

Page last updated: 16 October 2023


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