SINC 2016 review

In 2014/15 Southwark Council commissioned a Borough SINC review and ecological survey. This survey supersedes the previous ecological survey that was undertaken 20 years ago in 1994/5 by the London Ecology Unit.

In all 112 sites were surveyed with 65 being existing SINC sites. These sites were surveyed for habitats present and notable flora. From this review, we established that we had not lost any SINC sites since 1995. The report identified 17 new sites which were recommended for designation as Local SINC Sites. Furthermore, 4 SINC sites of local importance have been recommended to be upgraded to Borough importance. The emerging Southwark Plan has set these proposals out in Appendix 5: Preferred options ‘new and amended Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation.

The report showed that habitats such as meadows and wetlands have increased and our green spaces network remains intact.

The report also proposed a strategic overview of the ecological networks in Southwark shown in image 1. This map identifies our core habitat areas and local restoration areas in line with the principles set out in the Lawton Report ‘Making Space for Nature’ 2010. The Old Kent Road AAP has identified a ‘greener belt’ which follows the line of the strategic wildlife corridor; Herne Hill to Canada Water.

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Page last updated: 16 October 2023


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