Taking care of your mind

The five most effective ways to improve your wellbeing today

To improve our wellbeing, we all need to:

Find out more about these five steps to wellbeing from the NHS. The mental health charity Mind also has ideas on five ways to wellbeing.

Good Thinking has worked with Partnership for Young London to develop the five ways to wellbeing specifically for children and young people.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to health. Good Thinking have also created wellbeing resources specific for faith and belief communities across London, including guides videos and podcasts.

Ways you can connect with others

To connect with others you can:

Be physically active by moving more, more often

Being physically active can be as effective as anti-depressants, and being active outdoors is even better.

Try our top tips for getting moving.

Being outdoors in a green space can improve your mood. Find out where our parks and open spaces are in Southwark. 

Physical activity with others has added benefits, by helping you to connect more. You can find a whole range of online support to help you move more.

You can also check out Sport England’s Join the Movement physical activities.

Pay more attention to the present moment. 

Pay more attention to the present moment

Mindfulness is a great way to help calm your mind, bring it back into the present moment, and be more aware of your surroundings. Find out more about mindfulness.

Good Thinking London has NHS approved mindfulness and mental health apps and online courses.

You can also access the NHS mindful breathing video.

Going for a walk outside and noticing what you can see and hear can also help. Find your nearest park. 

Learn in Southwark

Our libraries across the borough are a great place to learn. Southwark eLibrary also has a lot to offer. You will find a huge, free and online selection of e-books and audiobooks, as well as films.

Find out about adult learning courses in Southwark.

Give something back in Southwark

Page last updated: 06 December 2023


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