Events environmental sustainability guide

We have created a guide to help make events more sustainable. Its implementation began in April 2023. It sets out what event organisers can do to make their event carbon neutral. 

If you have any questions about the guide, or would like to arrange 1-2-1 sessions to support you in implementing the actions, please contact the team at

Carbon Calculator

We ask event organisers to use Julie’s Bicycle's events-specific Carbon Calculator to estimate the total greenhouse gases generated by their event. This can help them to better understand how to reduce their environmental impact. The tool is designed to help organisations record, measure and understand the impacts of their event by tracking a range of different impact areas including energy use, water consumption, waste, and travel.


In March 2019 Southwark Council declared a climate emergency. We set out a plan to end Southwark’s contribution to climate change by 2030.

The events environmental sustainability guide has been produced to support our commitment to be a carbon neutral borough by 2030. All events taking place in public outdoor spaces in the borough will need to be carbon neutral, as a minimum by then. ‘Carbon neutral’ means that there is no net release of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere.

Events of all types and sizes contribute to the problem of climate change. Through the nine areas listed below, the guide sets out what event organisers must and can do to reduce their carbon footprint, depending on the scale of the event:

People Power Water
Waste Plastic Transport
Biodiversity Food and drink Event management and administration

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Page last updated: 04 October 2023


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