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Southwark 2030

Streets for People

We have been working with residents and businesses to improve the streets of the borough for people, not cars. Right now we're listening to everyone who travels in Southwark to take your views into account. Please have your say by completing the survey about our Sustainable Transport Strategy which will shape future plans.

We've been making innovative changes that will:

  • have physical health benefits from walking or cycling for short journeys
  • improve air quality
  • create safer streets with fewer cars
  • allow better use of street space for residents to enjoy

Streets for People outlines the council’s ongoing commitment to, and ambition for, healthier neighbourhoods, cleaner air, thriving town centres and safer roads. We want to reduce traffic levels, improve people’s quality of life, and encourage different ways of travelling through the borough.

Streets for People - Southwark map with widened pavement making things helpful for skateboarders, people with pushchairs, people in wheelchairs, people at bus stop who are blind or partially sighted

To make sure we're listening to everyone who travels in Southwark, we're consulting on our Sustainable Transport Strategy 2022-2026. Complete the survey to have your views taken into account in the plans. Across Southwark, we've already added cycle hangars, trees and seating in streets where high volumes of traffic have been reduced through Streets for People measures, including parts of Dulwich and Walworth.

We have made improvements to cycling, and walking routes and improved accessibility for those wheeling by widening pavements, reducing traffic and making cycle lanes safer. Widened pavements also mean that local businesses have extra space around their shops for outdoor seating and other similar activities.

We understand that not all residents can use active travel (like walking or cycling) at all times. We’ve worked with Transport for London to ensure getting around Southwark is more accessible and there are different schemes available in Southwark offering residents help with transport.

There are many projects going on in the borough that are all working towards our end goal of improving the streets for people. We ask that the community join us on our journey to achieving this. These are the 10 schemes across the borough.

Streets for People projects in the borough






Page last updated: 20 December 2022

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