Member allowances and expenses

Members' expenses

Councillors are entitled to claim expenses for a limited number of costs that fall outside member allowance. Each claim is assessed against a stringent set of guidance set in the council's constitution.

The following information is supplied as a matter of record in addition to the statutorily required annual publication of member allowances and prescribed expenses. The roles of members vary widely as do the demands and expectations of their constituents; it's important to keep this in mind when making any comparison between individual members.

The publishing of member expenses follows a decision by Southwark Council's standards committee and is part of the authority's commitment to openness.

The council cautions against these figures being used for comparison purposes as councillors have different responsibilities and different personal circumstances. The council publishes details of some categories of member expenses, including those paid on behalf of members.

Here are examples of things that can be claimed for:

  • travel as part of formal duties
  • subsistence if away from home as part of formal duties
  • child care and dependent carer allowance
  • appropriate operational costs

Members' Expenses

Conference fees and transport expenses

Journal expenses

For more information contact the Constitutional Team or 020 7527 3310.

Page last updated: 11 March 2019