Council's constitution

The constitution is a written legal document that guides the council on its decision making processes. The legal framework for the constitution is agreed by central government. It provides a basis and framework for the councillors and officers to work within and ensures honesty, accountability and lawful decision making. 

The constitution is split into chapters, with the introduction setting out how the council operates, how decisions are made and the procedures followed to ensure they're efficient, open and accountable to local people. Some of these procedures are required by law while others are a matter for the council to choose. 

View Southwark Council’s constitution

The constitution is broken up as follows:

Part 1 - Introduction to the constitution

Part 2 - Articles

Part 3 - Who takes decisions?

Part 4 - Rules

  • access to information procedure rules 
  • budget and policy framework procedure rules 
  • council assembly procedure rules 
  • committee procedure rules 
  • community council procedure rules
  • cabinet procedure rules
  • overview and scrutiny procedure rules 
  • contract standing orders 
  • financial standing orders 
  • officer employment procedure rules 

Part 5 - Codes

  • members' code of conduct  

Part 6 - Protocols

  • member and officer protocol 
  • communication protocol
  • members' allowances scheme 

Part 7 - Other information

  • list of councillors 
  • corporate management team 
  • glossary
  • CSO flowcharts
  • statutory officers and proper functions  

View the constitution.

Page last updated: 07 September 2021


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