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Child employment

Child performance licence exemption

Some child performances may be exempt from needing a licence. 

You can apply for an exemption from a child performance licence if the performance runs for four days and the following applies:

  • no payment is made to the child or another person for their performance, other than to cover expenses
  • no absence from school is required
  • the child will not have performed for more than four days in the last six months, including the dates of your performance
  • the performance is being organised by the child’s school

If the above is not true of your performance, you will need to apply for a child performance licence (link to be added to child performance licence) or apply for a Body of Person Approval (BOPA) licence if they meet the BOPA criteria.

Apply for a child performance licence exemption

Please submit your exemption application at least 21 days before the start of the performance or activity. If it's found the a child does need a licence once the exemption has been submitted, we cannot guarantee the processing of this in time for your performance.

Page last updated: 28 February 2023


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