The London Living Wage

Local action towards a Living Wage

In March 2016, we brought together key voices in the Living Wage debate in London for a Living Wage symposium at the House of Commons. Over 50 people attended from employers, business groups, local government, trade unions, community groups, charities and think tanks. They debated key issues around the Living Wage and identified tangible steps to help different organisations implement a London Living Wage policy.

The key findings were:

  • there are genuine benefits for employers who pay a real living wage, including improved quality of work from employees, positive customer perceptions, lower absenteeism and a better quality of candidates for jobs
  • due to the perceived benefits, businesses have moved on from simply seeing cost as a barrier, and are now actively looking for ways to pay a living wage
  • in London, businesses recognise that if they don’t pay a living wage, there will be a dwindling pool of employees who can afford to live in the capital
  • however, a living wage may not improve lives on its own - changes to housing and benefits policy need to go hand in hand with a fair wage if lives are to improve
  • councils can encourage businesses by celebrating good practice, and promoting the benefits of a real living wage

The report, entitled ‘Local action towards a Living Wage’ also contains recommendations for central government, councils, businesses, and employees to help bring the benefits of a real living wage to more people.

You can view the report on the Living Wage Symposium (pdf, 360kb).

You can view an open letter from Cllr Johnson Situ to non-accredited employers and David Adair (Co-Chair of the Southwark Business Forum) here (pdf, 259kb).

Page last updated: 22 January 2018