The London Living Wage

The UK Living Wage Campaign was launched in 2001 by members of London Citizens. The founders were parents from London, who despite working two or more minimum wage jobs struggled financially and were left with no time for family and community life.

Since its launch, the campaign has impacted tens of thousands of employees and put over £210 million into the pockets of some of the UK's lowest paid workers.

The Living Wage Foundation is the accrediting body who awards the Living Wage Employer Mark to Living Wage employers. They're committed to ensuring all employed staff, including contract workers, are paid the Living Wage by employers.

There are now thousands of employers signed up and proudly displaying the Living Wage Employer Mark.

We became an accredited Living Wage employer in 2011. This means that we pay all our directly employed staff the Living Wage and promote the Living Wage throughout our supply chain and in our work with local supply chains and regeneration schemes.

To find out more information, see What is the London Living Wage.

You can find out about our procurement policies here.  

Page last updated: 12 June 2019