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Special treatments licence

Apply for a special treatments licence

If you're applying for a new special treatments licence, you need to complete a special treatments licence form.

Apply For A New Licence

Please note the following is required for all applications:

  • we require an up to date electrical installation condition report valid for at least 5 years
  • if your premises is on several floors, we require an up to date emergency lighting report, valid for at least 1 year

Guidance on completing your application

To help complete your application and maintain the licence conditions, view our guidance notes (PDF, 363kb).

Photographs and photo ID

You must supply two identical full-face passport-size photographs of every person that will be giving treatments on your premises. The photo should be taken within the last 12 months.

Each photo must have the following details written on the back:

  • date it was taken
  • the name of the person whose likeness it is (in block capitals)
  • the signature of the applicant

You will have to provide full details of every person who will be carrying out treatments on the premises, together with copies of their relevant qualification certificates. You also need to provide a photo ID for each operative.


You also need to send a copy of the relevant qualifications of each therapist that carries out treatments at the premises.

We only accept qualifications that appear on the OFQUAL register if one is available in the treatment being offered. You can find information on the Register of Regulated Qualifications website.

Download a list of minimum qualifications accepted for each treatment. Read PART IV - Additional conditions which apply to specific treatments


Type of application


Application Fee

Compliance Fee


New (multiple treatments/ 

3 or more operatives)                

1 year




Renewal (multiple treatments/3 or more operatives)             

1 year




New (1 treatment or 1-2 operatives)

1 year




Renewal (1 treatment  or 1- 2 operatives)                                                                                                               

1 year









Variation - additional treatment (not on existing licence)                                                     





Variation - additional operative (per beautician)                                                                            





Duplicate licence





Note: Where separate application and compliance fees are listed applicants will still need to pay both fees before the licence is issued for use, the total fee can be paid at the time of application.

Applicants who wish to pay the fees separately can do so, the application fee is paid at the time the application is submitted and the compliance fee is paid after the licence is granted prior to issue.

How long does a licence last

The licence period starts on 1 February of one calendar year and expires on 31 January of the following year. It's the applicant’s responsibility to renew the licence before its expiry each year.

Failure to renew the licence before the expiry date will mean that the licence will lapse and a new application will be required, which will attract a higher fee. More importantly, it means that you must stop providing licensable treatments until the new application is determined.

Page last updated: 12 April 2023


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