Recycling tips

Recycling people

Here are some tips to help you become a top recycler:

  • make sure everyone in your household knows all of the items that can be recycled in Southwark. 
  • put recyclables into bins, boxes or recycling bags loose. Never put recyclables into black bags as this will mean they are treated as rubbish
  • make sure you rinse out your bottles and jars before you recycle them – it will help keep your bin smelling fresh!
  • perhaps you’ve already got an extra bin in your kitchen to collect all that lovely recycling waste! But what about the bathroom? All those plastic bottles for shampoo, conditioner and shower gel sometimes get forgotten
  • if you have a food waste collection service, make sure you are making full use of it by including all your food waste. You can also make the most of vegetable peelings and garden waste by composting at home
  • you can recycle plastic shopping bags at most supermarkets, so take yours down to give them a new lease of life. Why not pick up a reusable bag at the same time – keep it in your bag or car, ready for the next shopping trip!
  • make use of the borough' network of recycling banks for small electricals and help keep old appliances such as hair dryers, toasters, mobile phones or irons out of landfill
  • dispose of large bulky items such as fridges, mattresses and old furniture responsibly. Make use of our bulky waste service and items will be collected from your door and recycled wherever possible. All good quality furniture will be resold via the British Heart Foundation Shop on Old Kent Road to raise money for the charity. Bulky items and a whole range of other materials can also be recycled at the reuse and recycling centre.
  • power up for battery recycling! Batteries can be easily recycled so keep an eye out for collection points in shops, workplaces, schools and libraries. Buy rechargeable batteries that you can use again and again – saving money!
  • make recycling fun! Try our big recycling quiz and visit our family fun page for some ideas

Page last updated: 15 March 2023


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