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Exchanges Places cycling

Riding your bicycle throughout Southwark is a rewarding and enjoyable experience but it is important you stay safe, particularly around Large and heavy goods vehicles. The drivers of large vehicles cannot always see cyclists because of blind spots on their vehicles so cyclists need to ensure they can be seen when overtaking or stationary at lights.

Tips for cycling near large vehicles:

  • lorry drivers may not see you as the cabs of the Lorries do not always provide good all round visibility
  • avoid riding up the near or left hand side of a stationary or moving lorry be especially careful at junctions
  • lorries turning left may appear to be going  straight on or pull to the right try to anticipate their actions and stay back

Exchanging Places programme 

Southwark Road Safety officers are working with the Metropolitan Police Cycle Task Team to provide a programme of education events:

Exchanges Places cycling 2
  • police cycle and safety advice
  • opportunity to sit in the cab of a lorry
  • free Bike Marking and advice against bike theft
  • Dr Bike, free health check for your bicycle

To find out when the next Free Bike Marking and Dr Bike Exchanging Places event programme near you, visit the Bike Register website.


Page last updated: 13 July 2023


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