Cycle parking and security

Secure cycle parking at all new developments is key to raising the cycling levels in the borough.

Since 2004, we have been consistent in our approach to installing cycle stands throughout the borough. We use black Sheffield stands (an upturned 'U'), with a florescent tapping bar to help the visually impaired. Funds for an ongoing programme of stand installation are being sought through the planning system and we hope that all new developments in the borough will include a minimum of 10% cycle parking provision for visitors, which will normally be on the street and available for anyone to use, not just visitors to the development.

Free cycle parking

Types of cycle storage

There are two types of lockable bike storage available through us:

  • bike lockers are tall rectangular storage units, usually found on housing estates
  • cycle hangars are curved storage units, usually found on housing estates or public roads

You can find out about cycle hangars on this page. For information on bike lockers, visit the Garage Rental page.

Page last updated: 04 July 2024


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