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Cycle improvements

Southwark Spine - creating a family of routes

The Southwark Spine cycle route will be an important new addition to the cycle network in Southwark. Analysis of the existing network identified the need for a new north-south route through the borough to complement proposed Quietway routes and link to the new north-south Cycle Superhighway on Blackfriars Road.

The Spine route will be funded by the council and designed to Quietways standard. The route will be cohesive, direct, safe, attractive, comfortable and easy to navigate for all ages and abilities. It will be physically segregated in areas of heavy traffic or large vehicles, with different signals to prioritise cyclists at junctions. On streets with moderate traffic, and fewer large vehicles, the road layout, including parking, will be redesigned to provide for cycling and walking. On residential streets, traffic will be heavily calmed or designed out. The route passes though Burgess Park where a new greenway will be carefully designed as part of the new park masterplan. An alternative route will also be provided around the park, while other existing routes through the park are being replaced by parallel on road routes wherever possible.

The first phase of the Spine will run from Dulwich Library to St George’s Circus, with extensions to Forest Hill and London Bridge under consideration. Initial scoping work on the route has been carried out with a number of possible interventions identified. Full public consultation will be carried out on specific route proposals. The proposed route can be viewed here (PDF, 391kb).

Page last updated: 23 November 2022


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