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The Southwark Spine is a north-south walking and cycling route between East Dulwich and Borough which forms part of the network as detailed in the 2015 Southwark Cycling Strategy (pdf, 5.6mb). The route is not just for experienced cyclists but for anyone who wants to use quieter, lower-traffic routes, providing an environment for those cyclists who want to ride at a more leisurely speed.

In 2016 we made proposals to improve the streets around the Bellenden Gyratory and make them more accessible for walking and cycling. These proposals came out of workshops with local people, who worked with our street design specialists Mobycon to refine the design. Mobycon produced a design report (pdf, 2.3mb) based on feedback gathered, which includeed design rationale for each option, and a summary of key issues identified at the workshops.


In November 2017 we consulted with residents and stakeholders about the proposed design for the southern section of the Southwark Spine cycle route between East Dulwich and Peckham, incorporating the changes at Bellenden Gyratory. We received 463 responses to the consultation. These were generally favourable about the proposed improvements to the Bellenden Gyratory, though there were detailed comments about other aspects of the scheme.

You can find more information about the consultation here.


As a result of the consultation feedback, we revised the design for the Southwark Spine and Bellenden Gyratory improvements. You can see the revised design (pdf, 8mb) here.

The designs were taken to the detailed design stage following the formal consultation that took place in late 2018. The scheme was approved for implementation and statutory consultation was carried out which resulted in objections to the scheme.  Changes were made to some aspects of the design and a further report was submitted to the Cabinet Member and subsequently works commenced on site in late 2019.

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