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St Saviours Dock footbridge refurbishment works


St Saviours Dock footbridge enables pedestrians to cross the water at the entrance to St Saviours Dock. The bridge came into the council’s management in 1996.

It was originally a manually operated swing bridge, but a hydraulic system was subsequently installed. Since opening in 1995, the bridge has been subject to various mechanical, structural and operational problems and has been fixed in the closed position in recent years. This makes it safe for foot traffic but prevents the passage of large boats into St Saviour’s Dock.

Fixing the bridge

We've been working together with Conway Aecom to refurbish the bridge, its opening mechanism and the timber jetty approaches. The refurbishment works are complete and the bridge is open to the public. However, the scaffold platform will remain in place until we source a new motor for the ‘swing opening’ mechanism, as this is regrettably taking longer than anticipated. Once this is resolved, the bridge will permit full opening operations, to allow passage for larger boats, as originally intended.

The project

LBS in partnership with Conway Aecom is carrying out a project to refurbish the bridge, the opening mechanism and the timber jetty approaches. This will allow the bridge to be used for future years and permit full opening operations to allow passage for larger boats as originally conceived.

Pedestrian management

In order to undertake the works, the bridge requires closure to pedestrians for dismantling and other required works. It will be necessary for pedestrians to follow a marked diversion via Shad Thames and Mill Street.

Update to works timescales

The refurbishment works commenced in mid-November 2018 and are now near completion. The bridge is currently open to the public and the minor works that are outstanding, replacement of the motor, is envisaged to be completed by September 2021. Once the necessary check to the ‘swing opening mechanism‘ has been completed in October 2021, the bridge will allow access to the St Saviours Dock.

Contact information

If you require further clarification on the current works, Conway Aecom has a Public Liaison Officer for this scheme who will be happy to help. The contact details are either by email to or call 07917 518 529.

Alternatively, email us if you have any other queries.

Page last updated: 08 December 2023


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