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Case Studies – Why the Living Wage Works

In this short video we celebrate Living Wage Employers in Southwark. Borough Market, Camberwell based charity Spring Community Hub and zero-waste shop Jarr Market in Herne Hill explain why they decided to become Living Wage Employers and what benefits they have had since accrediting.

Evidence shows that paying the real Living Wage is good for business, employees and the wider economy. A study by Cardiff Business School, found that 93% of accredited Living Wage businesses reported they had benefited from becoming Living Wage Employers.

Organisations that have made the commitment benefit from more motivated employees, enjoy a reputational boost and find it easier to attract and retain staff.

Read testimonials from Southwark employers from different sectors who have already signed up for the real Living Wage.

Sports and Hospitality

Dulwich Hamlet FC Founded 1893 (logo)
Dulwich Hamlet FC Founded 1893

Dulwich Hamlet FC

"We believe our staff should be afforded a good quality of life living in Zone 2 in Central London. We are not funded by a millionaire or a ‘sugar daddy’, but we can choose to do the right thing by our staff and pay them a competitive wage. Things might be tight for us at times as we have a smaller budget to work with than other clubs and businesses; but since returning to Champion Hill following our exile in 2018, we have always made it work, regardless of any times of financial uncertainty, such as during the Covid pandemic over the last couple of years.”

Ben Clasper, Chairman

Bartender Ja’maica started working at the club in 2021, aged just 18, and like other staff before her, has said that the lure of a competitive wage made such a big impact on her decision for wanting to work at the club.

“It is a huge deal for youngsters starting out, especially with living prices going up. If I was earning £60 a day it wouldn’t make much of a difference, but knowing that I can earn more than £100 every day I work, it is definitely worth coming back to work and wanting to do well. The club has given me a big platform. Now if I was to look at jobs elsewhere, I would be looking to match what I am earning here. I always feel like I am being valued and looked after at Dulwich.”

Bartender Ja’maica

Read the full Dulwich Hamlet case study (PDF, 397kb)


In November 2018, Lendlease accredited the Elephant Park development as a Living Wage Employer following a large educational campaign, ongoing stakeholder engagement and monitoring compliance to ensure the implementation of the Living wage throughout the project. The entire construction workforce within Elephant Park is paid the Living Wage rate. Lendlease set the clear aspiration to use that accreditation as a springboard for a larger conversation.

In 2020, Lendlease became the first developer of its size to become Living Wage accredited throughout its entire portfolio. This means anybody that's engaged in their European developments and all suppliers throughout their value chain must be Living Wage compliant. The group continues to work closely with contract partners to support and educate them on their Living Wage requirements. They have been able to implement a really successful Living Wage policy which has clear directives, and a rigorous rolling audit system that helps to identify any gaps in compliance. 

“When paired with additional opportunities for skilling, development, and growth, a living wage policy is a meaningful building block for an improved company culture and a way to demonstrate our commitment to good work principles to our workforces and the wider community. Investing in our people and their wellbeing is not just the right thing to do, it creates more productive and committed teams and is good for business in the long run.”

Lucile Watkins-Brazier, Head of Social Impact at Lendlease

Read the full Lendlease case study (PDF, 609kb).

Become a living wage accredited employer

Benefit from being a Living Wage Employer by becoming accredited in three simple steps:

  1. Pay the real living wage to all your directly employed staff
  2. Have a plan to pay your contractors a living wage
  3. Complete the application form below

Become a living wage employer by filling out this form.

Page last updated: 20 November 2023

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