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The Living Wage Action Group

In 2022 we created Southwark’s first ever Living Wage Unit with a dedicated resourced focused on promoting good work and fair pay across Southwark. The Southwark Living Wage Unit leads our efforts to make Southwark a Living Wage borough.  

Living Wage Place

A Living Wage place is a recognition by the Living Wage Foundation that celebrates the geographical areas that are doing more to expand the uptake of the living wage.

In March 2020, Southwark became the first London borough to be recognised as a Living Wage Place. This accreditation acknowledges the work we are doing with our communities and businesses to tackle low pay within our borough. This accreditation was renewed in 2023.

Southwark’s Living Wage Place Action Group is made us of committed local institutions and businesses that are accredited Living Wage employers and work together to raise awareness of the Living Wage and actively promote accreditation.

Get in touch to find out more or get involved in the Southwark Living Wage Place Action Group.

Page last updated: 20 November 2023

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