Help with mobility

Falling and worrying you might fall can make you lose confidence. This can have serious consequences for your health and wellbeing. 

How your GP or health professional can help

If you've fallen or are afraid of falling, you should speak to your GP or a health professional (such as a practice nurse or district nurse). They may be able to help by:

  • finding out what may be causing the fall (for example medication you're taking)
  • checking your muscle strength and balance, and recommending exercises to improve any issues
  • recommending equipment that may help you (such as grab rails)

Health and social care professionals can offer you advice, assess your needs and refer you to the nearest falls clinic. The Southwark Community Rehabilitation and Falls Service may also be able to help you. You can contact them at:

Southwark Community Rehabilitation and Falls Service

Townley Road Clinic
121 Townley Road
London SE22 8SW
T: 020 3049 8960


Telecare are devices that are linked to a 24 hour monitoring centre. Trained operators can contact your family or the emergency services if you fall.

Help with mobility - walking stick

Where you can get telecare from

We may be able to offer you telecare free of charge. We will need toassess your needs to find out if we can provide the telecare free of charge. You may still need to contribute towards the cost of monitored alarms. The maximum weekly charge is £5.75. For further information see our paying for your care section.

You can also buy telecare from the organisations and shops below:

Walking equipment

If you think a walking stick, or other walking equipment, would help you move around more safely, contact the Southwark Community Rehabilitation and Falls Service for advice on 020 3049 8960.


If you think you may need a wheelchair, contact your GP who can refer you to the Wheelchair Service for an assessment. The local NHS wheelchair service is based at the Bowley Close Rehabilitation Centre. If you don’t have a GP, call the centre on 020 3049 7760 for advice.

Powered mobility equipment

If you're disabled, The Motability Scheme can help with power mobility equipment (for example a new car, powered wheelchair or scooter) in exchange for certain income benefits. For more information see the Motability Scheme website.

The Queen Elizabeth Foundation offers information and advice. They can assess your needs. You can try scooters and other powered mobility equipment. There's a charge for the assessment.

Help with mobility

Before buying a scooter think about where you'll store it as we're unable to help with this. Where you store your scooter shouldn't put your or other people’s safety at risk. You'll also need to think about how you'll charge the battery and what the maintenance and service cost will be. Insurance is highly recommended.

If you decide to buy or hire mobility equipment there are organisations that can provide advice. The Disabled Living Foundation provides free and impartial advice.

Getting out in Southwark

You can find information and advice on help with transport.

Further sources of information and support

You will find on this page under ‘documents’ a leaflet that provides information about care and support for adults with care needs in Southwark. You can download and print this leaflet.

Page last updated: 22 October 2020

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