Equipment and gadgets to help you with your daily activities

Most people want to live as independently as they can in their own homes. If you have a physical or learning disability or have limited mobility, there's a range of equipment that can help you to be independent in your home (for example telecare).

Equipment and gadgets

Below is a list of some of the equipment you can buy to help you to live independently and safely at home.


Telecare are sensors that can be fitted in your home. The sensors are linked to a 24 hour monitoring centre and if you need help trained operators can contact your family or the emergency services. Below are some examples of telecare:

Pendant alarm
  • an alarm pendant - the pendant is worn around the neck or on the wrist; if you need assistance you can press a button and help will arrive quickly
  • fall detectors, bed sensors and epilepsy sensors - if you become ill suddenly (for example you have a seizure) or fall the sensor will automatically call for help
  • memory aids such as memo minders which allow you to record messages with daily reminders, for example reminding you to take medication or to eat meals on a regular basis

Depending on your situation Southwark may be able to assist you to install an alarm or telecare equipment. You may require an assessment from the specialist Telecare Team. Stand alone equipment is provided free of charge but you may have to contribute towards the cost of monitored alarms. The maximum weekly charge is £5.75. For further information about charging, see our paying for your care page.

If you would like to talk to someone about having an alarm arranged by us please call 0207 525 3324. See the section 'Where you can buy equipment and gadgets' further below for other organisations where you can buy telecare.


Other equipment to help with day-to-day tasks include:

  • bath board and grab handles around the bath area - to help you get in and out of the bath  or shower safely
  • chair raisers - to help with sitting down or getting up from your chair
  • raised toilet seats and commodes - for help using the toilet
  • mobility help, such as hoists, specialist beds and chairs
  • equipment to help you get in and out of bed
  • medication dispensers with visual and/or audio reminders - to remind you to take medication at the right time

The devices listed below are especially useful if you are/you know someone who is affected by dementia:

  • a device to switch the light on at night - to help for when you get out of bed
  • a keys reminder device - reminding you to take your keys when you leave your home
  • a safer walking device (also known as a GPS) - to help you return home if you become disorientated and don’t know how to get home

Where you can buy equipment and gadgets


You can buy other equipment from a range of organisations and shops, including:

What you need to know before buying equipment

Before buying any equipment it's a good idea to seek independent advice to ensure the equipment will meet your needs.

Adapting your home to make living independently in your home easier

Power drill

Making changes to your home (for example adding grab rails) may help you to live more independently at home. You can hire a local professional to do this or use the Southwark Handyman service. Our Handyman service offers help with minor adaptations to homes.

Further sources of information and support

You will find on this page under ‘documents’ a leaflet that provides information about care and support for adults with care needs in Southwark. You can download and print this leaflet.

Page last updated: 26 February 2021

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