Help with hearing and or eye sight loss

The Adult Sensory Team may be able to offer you support if you live in Southwark and:

  • you're over 18 years of age
  • we've received your CVI (Certificate of Visual Impairment) and you're registered with us
  • you have long term, a significant, non-correctable eye condition which affects your independence, safety and functioning
  • you have Long term Hearing Loss (moderate or profound) which affects your independence, safety and functioning

We may carry out Sensory Needs assessments and provide you with equipment, minor adaptations, lighting assessments and advice as appropriate as part of optimising your safety and independence. We may also provide you with vision rehabilitation (for example, daily living, mobility indoor, outdoor and white cane training).

We don't provide hearing aids or magnifying glasses. If you need hearing aids contact your GP who can refer you to a hearing aid service. If you need magnifying glasses contact your Eye Clinic. To request a sensory needs assessment, use the contact details below:

You will find on this page under ‘documents’ a leaflet that provides information about care and support for adults with care needs in Southwark. You can download and print this leaflet.

Help and support with sensory loss

Page last updated: 14 December 2022


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