Educational psychology

Educational psychology is about how children and young people develop and learn. Every local authority has a team of Educational Psychologists (EPs). In Southwark, EPs are part of an Integrated Child Support Service (ICSS) that includes Educational Welfare Officers (EWOs) and Early Intervention Officers (EIOs). We work with children, families and educational settings across Southwark.

What EPs offer

  • a consultation and solution focused approach to promoting achievement and inclusion for all
  • psychological advice on strategies for working with individual learners
  • working with groups as well as individuals
  • psychological advice on planning and writing effective individual education plans
  • individual assessment linked to statutory assessment
  • training for parents, carers, staff and schools 
  • access to a range of educational psychology services (eg bereavement support)

Background of EPs

Most of us have been teachers with a variety of experience in a wide range of settings. We all have an honours degree or equivalent in psychology. All EPs in Southwark undertake regular training, which includes safeguarding issues. We're committed to being a safe organisation and working with others to safeguard children and young people.

Role of EPs

The main role of an EP is to promote children's progress and inclusion in education. We work at individual, group and system levels of prevention. All settings maintained by the local authority have a designated educational psychologist and can access a range of consultation services, assessment and intervention support as well as training. In most circumstances, we provide psychological advice through consultation to a setting, but in some cases we'll work directly with groups and individuals.

EPs work with parents/carers, children and teaching staff to explore issues and resolve problems that can affect learning and well-being. The strategies they discuss regarding their involvement in a child's education are developed using psychological skills. Southwark EPs also provide additional support to the community in the event of a potentially traumatic event.

Page last updated: 12 November 2019


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