Offer of a primary school place


In accordance with the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 (SSFA), you have the right to appeal against the decision not to offer your child a place at a preferred school.

When deciding whether to appeal, you can be assured that accepting a place at another school will not affect your right to appeal for a place at your preferred school(s), nor will it affect your child’s place on the waiting list at these schools. As there's no guarantee that your appeal will be successful, we strongly advise families to make arrangements for a place at an alternative school in the meantime.

You can find further information on the admissions appeals process within the Department for Education's School Admission Appeals Code

Community schools

If you were unsuccessful in being offered a place for your child at a Southwark community school and would like to appeal, we strongly advise you to read Southwark Council’s admission appeals guide (PDF, 490kb) and you will also need to complete and return Southwark Council’s community primary school admissions appeal form (docx, 585kb). Independent appeal panels will consider all appeals and the hearing will be clerked by an independent appeals clerk.

Appeals are heard in June/July to allow for movement after the offer date when places become vacant as families may have accepted a place at an alternative school. You will also be able to attend the hearing if you wish to do so.

Southwark non-community schools

If you were unsuccessful in being offered a place for your child at a Southwark non-community primary school or a school in another borough, you must contact the school or borough directly for further information as they administer their own appeals process. The individual schools will explain how you can appeal and send you a copy of their own appeal form.

Listed below are the contact numbers for other school admissions teams located in London which you may find useful.

London borough

Admissions contact details


020 8303 7777


020 8313 4044


020 7974 1625


020 8726 6400 (option 3)


020 8921 8043


020 8820 7000 (option 3)


020 7527 5515

Kensington and Chelsea

020 7745 6432


020 7926 9503 (option 2)


020 8314 8282


020 8274 4906


020 8430 2000

Tower Hamlets

020 7364 5006 (option 1)


020 8871 6000


020 7745 6433

Page last updated: 24 August 2023


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