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Elective home education

About elective home education

Legality of home education

It's legal for parents to educate their children at home.

GCSE exam locations

There are currently no designated or specifically recommended exam centres in Southwark, although the Elective Home Education Adviser is available to discuss options when needed.


  • are responsible for liaising with the exam board and registering their child for each exam that they wish to take
  • are responsible for all exam fees and associated costs that are payable to exam boards
  • will be asked to pay an administrative fee per qualification at any and all exam centres
  • will be asked to pay additional invigilation costs if their home-educated child is required to sit an exam individually
  • are expected to remain at the exam centre throughout the duration of their child’s exam

National Curriculum and SATs

The National Curriculum doesn't apply to children who are being electively home-educated, nor do those children have to take SATs. It is, however, recommended that the curriculum you offer your child should be broad-based, and should seek to develop all of your child's abilities. The curriculum can be described as covering the main areas of learning and experience that are desirable for any child. They are:

  • aesthetic and creative
  • human and social
  • linguistic and literary
  • mathematical
  • scientific
  • spiritual and moral
  • technological
  • physical


Flexi-Schooling is when your child is educated at home part-time and part-time at school. Permission for this style of teaching is at the discretion of the head teacher of your child's school. The child will be registered at the school in the normal way, and would still be subject to the National Curriculum whilst receiving education at school. Parents should be aware that this arrangement is very uncommon, so parents are advised not to off-roll their child under the assumption that Flexi-Schooling will be possible at a later date.

Withdrawing your child from school

You have a legal responsibility to inform your child’s headteacher in writing that you intend to electively home and would like your child to be off-rolled. The school will then take your child off the school roll. In addition, it is recommended that you notify the LA of your intentions as early as possible so that support and advice can be offered.

More information

If, after careful consideration, you decide to electively home-educate your child, we hope that you find it a positive and constructive experience. We are not able to provide teaching support, but we can offer encouragement and advice. We're committed to the successful education of all children and recognise that education at home can work well for some children.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of education at home or have any issues or concerns, call 020 7525 5768 or email

Page last updated: 07 February 2024


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