Regeneration that works for all

Regeneration has a long history in Southwark. Over the last two decades, we've implemented a range of ambitious investment and renewal programmes to make the borough a better place for all. Regeneration has helped provide borough-wide investment which would otherwise have been very difficult to achieve due to government reductions in Southwark’s grants and income. This investment has meant that we have built more new homes and affordable homes than most London boroughs. Regeneration has enabled us to deliver improvements across the borough in transport facilities and environment improvements as well as wider benefits such as improved leisure centres, libraries, parks, community facilities, business space and healthcare facilities.  

Making regeneration work for all

What is social regeneration?

Social regeneration is when areas of our borough are positively transformed so that regeneration works for all - by building new affordable and social rented homes, affordable workspaces, new schools and new transport links, protecting current and creating new green spaces and creating good employment opportunities for local people. It's the process by which we'll make sure the health and wellbeing of all our residents and our communities are at the heart of our regeneration plans.

“Regeneration that works for all ensures that the places where people live, now and in the future, create new life opportunities, promote wellbeing and reduce inequalities so that people have better lives in stronger communities.”

Through regeneration, we'll ensure:

  • Life opportunities, good health and wellbeing for all and pride of place
    • Southwark communities and their needs influence what we build and how we design them
    • Improving wellbeing and promoting healthy living are central to our place-shaping work
    • Buildings and public spaces are designed to promote a sense of pride in its communities
    • Creating neighbourhoods that are integrated, cohesive and foster a sense of belonging
  • Investing in Communities
    • Investing in education, training and employment opportunities for all
    • Providing resources and opportunities for community groups and social networks
    • A borough that is inclusive with services and facilities that are accessible by all residents
    • Empowering and engaging with communities as equal and active partners in creating and protecting places and spaces
  • Reducing inequality
    • Investing in prevention and tackling the wider causes of inequality
    • Strengthening the support for those who are vulnerable or face greater disadvantage
    • Creating new spaces through where everyone feels welcome and safe

What does this mean for your area?

In order to ensure that these pledges make a real difference in your local area, we're creating a series of ‘Social Regeneration Charters’ which set out the specific opportunities and challenges in your neighborhoods and our vision and priorities for social regeneration where you live.

The Social Regeneration Charters will be shaped together with local communities. Each Charter will set out the vision, the specific opportunities, challenges and our priorities for the area. The Charters will also inform the Local Community Infrastructure Levy priorities for the area. The Charters will be adopted by Cabinet and subject to monitoring through specific indicators.

Social Regeneration Charter (SRC) Areas

Map of SRC areas (pdf, 1.8mb)

The Southwark approach

The Southwark Regeneration Framework (pdf, 109kb) sets out our commitment and approach. The three primary objectives are:

  1. A borough-wide approach to improving the wellbeing of all current and future generations.
  2. A one Council and partnership approach to ensure all our assets are used and aligned effectively to bring about improved wellbeing for people and places across Southwark.
  3. Wellbeing as a primary outcome of all our work.

In Autumn 2017, Southwark Council undertook The Southwark Conversation which was its largest engagement exercise, with residents, businesses and local organisations, to date.

Through the Southwark Conversation our residents told us that the most important issues to be tackled include: housing, public space, transportation, education, access to key services such as health and social care, employment and training.

Strengthening and supporting all communities to have pride in their neighbourhoods was also highlighted in the Southwark Conversation. 

In January 2019, Cabinet adopted the approach (pdf, 385kb) to implement the social regeneration framework through 10 Social Regeneration Charter.

The social regeneration approach is integrated into our major planning policies and guidance. The Southwark Plan 2022 sets out our objectives to continue to revitalise our places and neighbourhoods to create new opportunities for residents and local businesses, to promote wellbeing and reduce inequalities so that people have better lives in stronger communities. The Plan’s strategic policies inform the key development management policies that will shape the future of regeneration for the borough.

Our new Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) and Development Consultation Charter (DCC) are both currently out for public consultation from 14 December 2021 to 7 March 2022. This was approved at the council’s Cabinet meeting on 7 December 2021. 

The SCI is the council’s key document on how we will put communities at the centre of our consultation of our planning processes and regeneration programmes. The DCC sets a standard for public engagement and consultation that the council, as a planning authority, expects from developers and applicant when they submit planning applications for new development. Find out more about these documents

Page last updated: 13 December 2021

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