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Queens Road 4 update

Queens Road 4 - Public Consultation and Engagement

A summary of public engagement held to date

To date, we've held a number of events with local residents which are listed in the table below:



January 2018

Consultation event

February 2018

Consultation event

June 2018

Demolition drop-in event

July 2018

New development drop-in event

September 2018

New development drop-in event

November 2018

New development drop-in event

April 2019

New development workshop

September 2019

New development public exhibition

In January and February 2018, we hosted two events outlining our original proposals for this site. We are very grateful to everyone who took the time to respond to us and we have taken into consideration all the feedback we received. While the designs have now moved on from this, you can find a summary of the feedback on the previous design from the January and February 2018 public exhibitions on the supporting documents page.

In May 2018 we appointed award-winning architects Allies & Morrison to bring forward a new design. Through June to November 2018, a series of resident drop-in sessions were arranged to discuss the demolition of the existing site and the new development.

The council held a residents’ engagement session in April 2019 at Southwark Council’s Queens Road offices. At this meeting, we presented Allies & Morrison’s initial proposals for the site. The presentation shown to residents and a summary of the feedback is available to download on the supporting documents page.

In September 2019, the council held a public exhibition on the detailed proposals for the site. Copies of the exhibition materials can be downloaded at the following link:

Further materials from previous consultation events can be found on the supporting documents page.

Please note that documentation relating to the Queens Road 4 project produced prior to April 2019 refers to the site address as ‘131-137 Queens Road’. After this date, the site address is written as ‘128-148 Asylum Road’.

The site address has changed as the new QR4 building is situated on Asylum Road and not Queens Road. The main public entrance to QR4 is from Asylum Road. As part of these revisions, there is the potential for a future residential and commercial development on Queens Road, which would use the address 131 -137 Queens Road and would be a separate development from QR4.

Page last updated: 13 June 2023


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