Queens Road day centre demolition


Demolition of former Queen’s Road Day Care Centre

What are we doing?

DDS Limited has been awarded the contract to demolish the former Queens Road Day Care Centre. We will be taking occupation of the site from 25 June 2018, for approximately 8 to 12 weeks, to undertake this work.

What about noise and how will this be controlled during the demolition phase?

Inevitably there will be some noise, however a number of steps will be taken to keep this to a minimum and within the permitted levels outlined by The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. The structural demolition of the buildings will be undertaken using methods working on a bay by bay basis, as these are the safest, most practical and efficient ways to undertake this type of structure. Noise levels will be continuously monitored throughout the works and demolition methods will be adapted if the need arises. Our fleet of machines and equipment is state of the art and up to the best industry specifications, all the equipment is regularly serviced/maintained to ensure they are working to their best capabilities.

What about dust?

We understand dust is a big concern to local residents and businesses alike. When dust creating activities are being undertaken, a fine water spray will be used in the immediate area to catch dust particles in the air and prevent excess dust pollution to the local environment.

DDS Demolition we will be monitoring dust levels on a regular basis, but please bring it to our attention if you have any concerns or feel further improvement is needed, and we will do our best to facilitate this.

What are the working hours?

From 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm, Saturdays.

Are you looking to employ any additional staff for this project?

This project has been resourced already using our competent in house team, but if you have the relevant CCDO Cards please do contact the office and we can take your details for future reference should a position arise.

How long is this demolition project going to take?

Approximately 8 to 12 weeks, with work hopefully finishing in August 2018. However, please be aware that due to the nature of the work this may be subject to change, as it is not uncommon for unforeseen obstacles to arise, which can delay our programme or in some cases, accelerate the works.

Will the roads or footpaths close?

DDS Demolition has designed the methodology of this contract to include the minimum amount of disruption possible. The main vehicle access to the site will be located on Asylum Road. We will be operating a 2-gate system to enter and exit the site which will prevent vehicles reversing and potentially blocking roadways/footpaths.

The site perimeter hoarding will be on the existing boundary line to Asylum Road and approx 4m onto the footpath on Queens Road, however this is a very wide footpath and as such access will not be impeded by the works.

What about traffic management during the works?

The entrance to the site is will be via the existing crossover off Asylum Road. All deliveries to and from site, in particular HGVs, will be carefully controlled to ensure minimal disruption to the local environment.

A DDS Banksman will be posted at the site entrance to protect pedestrians / vehicles when deliveries enter and leave the site.

Site and road conditions will be continuously monitored, and adequate facilities will be provided for wheel washing (jet wash) and road cleaning should it be necessary.

What about security of the site?

As one of the first actions on the site a secure solid hoarding will be erected around the perimeter of the site, this will be 2.4m tall. This hoarding will be on the existing boundary line to Asylum Road and approximately 4m onto the footpath on Queens Road. There will be secure entrance gates and these will be located on Asylum Road and are full height metal gates and these are secured out of hours.

On completion of the demolition work the site hoardings will be left in place and the gate entrances blocked with solid concrete barriers to prevent vehicles entering the site.

Where is the construction and demolition debris being disposed to?

The majority of the waste arising from this facility will be taken to a licensed waste processing plant, where it will be processed, recycled and re-sold back in to the

construction industry. We anticipate we will be able to achieve a recycling rate of 97% of the waste from this site. A proportion of the structural arisings will remain on site for processing and will be reused within any future development programme.

How can you contact us should you have any concerns?

There will be some inconvenience whilst work is being carried out, especially at the early stages of the works. We will be notifying local residents and businesses on a regular basis to update on the works, but should you have any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to contact our Site manager, Paul Beck, who will be based on site, or you can contact us on the number below:

Site Manager: Paul Beck or Contracts Manager: Eric Rosay
Contact number: 01843 821555

It's essential that good communication streams are maintained between DDS and concerned parties to prevent excess disruption, with Health & Safety remaining of paramount importance at all times. We will work with you to maintain good streams of communication and to ensure that your requirements can be facilitated where possible and to prevent any unnecessary disruption.

DDS Demolition appreciate that while these works take place it may have an impact on the local community, and could potentially disrupt the day-to-day lives of residents, and operations of local businesses. We pride ourselves on having good relationships with everyone affected by our works and are very approachable to listen to your concerns. We will do everything in our power to minimise this, and strongly encourage anyone concerned to speak to our Site Manager who is based on site.

Queens Road day centre programme (PDF, 122kb)

Page last updated: 08 March 2022


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