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Bermondsey Spa

Site updates

Site A & Site T - Artesian Building & Amisha Court

These two buildings were the first sites to be completed in the regeneration area and provide a stunning entrance at the western end of the Bermondsey Spa regeneration area. Site A has a new surgery and pharmacy on the ground floor and Site T has a good quality authentic Italian Restaurant on the ground floor.

Site D - Bolanachi Building

The award winning Bolanachi has completed construction and provides 138 new homes (69 affordable) to the community. There's also a brand new Neckinger play area, including a space for football and basketball.

Sites E & H

These two impressive, award-winning buildings, completed in 2009, provide 335 new units of which 197 are affordable and include a health centre and a vastly improved public realm.

Sites F,S & U

This large and exciting Hyde Housing development is now onsite and will provide 319 new apartments of which 232 will be affordable. There will also be a new supermarket and 4 new commercial units. The scheme will be completed in early 2013

Site G

Phase 1 of this Hyde Housing development is now completed, providing 24 new affordable units as well as 4 new commercial units. Phase 2 will begin in 2012 and will provide 24 private units and another 4 commercial units.

Site J - Dragonfly apartments

The fabulous Dragonfly apartments were completed in 2008 and feature 49 new striking apartments of which 9 are affordable. There's also a nursery on the ground floor. The St James Churchyard adjacent to site J has undergone extensive regeneration and the second stage will be completed at the end of June 2010. The churchyard will have a new play area, a new ecology garden and new hard and soft landscaping providing a tranquil oasis for all to enjoy.

Site L

The former sorting office is being developed and will provide 33 new homes. Development has commenced on site.

Site O

The site of the famous spa at Bermondsey is being redeveloped by Bellway Homes and the first phase has been completed. The second phase is nearly completed

Page last updated: 22 January 2018

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