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Neighbourhood planning

Neighbourhood planning in Bermondsey

Neighbourhood forum designation renewal

An application for a neighbourhood forum designation renewal was submitted by the Old Bermondsey Village Neighbourhood Forum(OBNF) in the Summer of 2020. Consultation on the decision to renew the designation for the Old Bermondsey Neighbourhood Forum closed on Thursday 17th September 2020, and 146 responses were received. 

Southwark Council made the decision to renew the designation for the Old Bermondsey Neighbourhood on 5th November 2020. You can see more information about the decision

Revised neighbourhood area

An application for a revised neighbourhood area boundary for Bermondsey was submitted by the Old Bermondsey Village Neighbourhood Forum in late 2017. The council consulted on this revised neighbourhood area boundary for 7 weeks from 14 December 2017 to 1 February 2018. You can view the application documents below, which include maps of the proposed revised area and all representations received:

On 26 February 2018, the council considered the application to extend Old Bermondsey Village Neighbourhood Forum’s Neighbourhood Area to include areas between Druid Street, Crucifix Lane, Snowsfields and Newcomen Street to the south and Tooley Street to the north. A decision to refuse the application was taken based on the reasons set out in the IDM report which is available to view online. On 9 April 2018, the council received a claim for judicial review challenging its decision to refuse the application to extend the neighbourhood area. This challenge was subsequently successfully defended by the council and the decision has formally been upheld.

Neighbourhood area designation

In 2012, the council received two applications for the designation of neighbourhood areas in Bermondsey from two different groups, the Bermondsey Neighbourhood Forum and Bermondsey Village Action Group (BVAG). These proposed boundaries (PDF, 2.8mb) were not designated.

The council proposed an amended area which was designated in August 2014. This area is referred to as Area A (PDF, 1.9mb). The reasons for designating this area are set out in this report (PDF, 153kb).

Neighbourhood forum designation

The Old Bermondsey Village Neighbourhood Forum (OBVNF) was designated in 2015 to prepare a neighbourhood plan for the designated area known as Area A. The reasons for designating the OBVNF are set out in this report (PDF, 156kb).

In June 2015, the OBVNF and the council signed a mediation agreement (PDF, 37kb) to agree a way forward in progressing with neighbourhood planning in the area.

Next steps

The OBVNF will now continue their work with the local community to begin preparing a draft neighbourhood plan. You can read their constitution (PDF, 79kb) which sets out how they will operate as a group to achieve this, and keep up to date on their plan preparation on the Old Bermondsey website.

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