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Neighbourhood planning

How to start a new neighbourhood plan

To write a neighbourhood plan or a neighbourhood development order, the local community must come together and apply to the council to be formally designated as a neighbourhood forum and have a neighbourhood area designated. Only one group can undertake neighbourhood planning in a particular neighbourhood.

Several groups in the borough have come together and are at various stages of the neighbourhood planning process. Find more information about these groups using the links to other parts of this page.

Once the neighbourhood forum and neighbourhood area has been designated, the preparation of a neighbourhood plan or a neighbourhood development order can begin. The local planning authority (LPA) in which the neighbourhood area is located is required to ensure the forum meets the legal requirements of the relevant legislation and enabling regulations. Southwark Council, along with any adjoining LPAs (for cross-boundary neighbourhood forums/areas) will support neighbourhood forums to achieve this.

Application process and further information

If you'd like to apply to the council to have a neighbourhood forum and a neighbourhood area designated, you can use our application forms to:

You can also read about the council’s report on the decision making process for neighbourhood planning (PDF, 151kb).

For more information, guidance and support for the neighbourhood planning process see the following external links:

Page last updated: 28 March 2024


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