Statement of Community Involvement and Development Consultation Charter

We adopted a new Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) and Development Consultation Charter (DCC) on 6 December 2022. They supersede the SCI adopted in 2008. Both documents are informed by the engagement principles set out in the council's Approach to Community Engagement (PDF, 1.8mb)

Statement of Community Involvement (December 2022)

The SCI is an important planning document. It defines how and when local residents, community groups and stakeholders can be involved in the council’s planning processes. It includes information on the preparation of new planning policy documents. It also details how we will notify on planning applications for new development. 

We want to ensure that all those who live, work, study, worship and volunteer in the borough can be involved in local planning decisions. They will have the opportunity to collaborate on the preparation of our plans and strategies that shape the places in the borough. 

You can download the new SCI and its supporting documents for adoption below: 

Development Consultation Charter (December 2022) 

The DCC is part of the SCI. It sets out how members of the community can expect to be consulted by applicants and developers at different stages of the planning application process. The DCC introduces new public consultation requirements for applicants and developers that must be carried out before a planning application is submitted. It details the new documents that must now accompany a planning application, including a summary of the new consultation requirements. 

The requirements of the DCC will be used to validate major planning applications and pre-application requests. We've prepared templates to show how the new documents should be completed. This should assist applicants and developers to meet this requirement.  

You can download the DCC and the templates below. The templates can also be found on our validation checklist: 

The new consultation requirements also extend to council-led development. 

Page last updated: 07 March 2024


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