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Pretreatment plan for fleas

Before treatment

  • Anyone who is pregnant has allergies or asthma & any pets should take the necessary precautions, where possible leave the property for a minimum of 2 hours, also do not let pets into treated rooms until dry.
  • Aquariums may remain place as long as the filtrations & aeration systems are turned off & the tank is adequately covered, filtrations & aeration equipment should not be turned back on 6 hours after treatment.
  • All clutter should be removed from the infested area, with all electrical items unplugged moved away from walls covered & sealed.
  • If possible steam clean wet hoover or shampoo any carpeting & furnishings.
  • Discard the Hoover bag, placed in a tightly sealed rubbish bag before disposal.

Laundering of curtains

  • All floor or near floor length curtains should be placed into clean rubbish bags & secured, then emptied directly into the washing machine.
  • When the cycle is complete place the curtains into clean unused rubbish bags & sealed, or straight into the tumble dryer set to a high temperature for a minimum of 40 minutes.
  • All chairs covers pillows & throws must be washed, again following the above instructions.

Furniture & Carpets

  • Before you do anything else hoover carpets, furnishings, cracks in the floorboards & upholstered furniture. This will not only get rid of adult’s fleas, but also eggs & larvae. The larvae feed on adult flea faeces & other organic matter, which collects in things like carpets & rugs. Removing this source of food is an important step.
  • Empty your hoover very carefully away from the house because the fleas will still be alive.
  • All furniture in infested rooms pulled away from the wall with all clutter underneath removed; a minimum of 4 inches is required.


  • Groom your pets regularly with a flea comb & wash their bedding every week, ideally at 50 degrees or above.
  • If your pet is scratching or biting its fur you should talk to your vet, they can recommend the best flea sprays or powders to treat your pet.
  • Bathe your dog/cat using a recommend pet shampoo.
  • After the bath, comb your pet with a flea comb.

After treatment

  • Do not use treated rooms for 2-3 hours or until dry if at all possible, also being careful on any wet flooring?
  • Do not Hoover or sweep treated rooms until the day before next visit or a minimum of 14 days.
  • Following the treatment it is necessary for you live as normal.

Use the treated area as normal the reason for this, it’s your presence in the rooms that brings the fleas out of there harbourages & into contact with the insecticides. Not using the room will mean the fleas will lay dormant & wait for you to return to the treated area.

Southwark Council Pest Control Services reserves the right to withdraw from treatment if any advice given is not followed up or adhered to

Page last updated: 15 March 2022


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