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Sydenham Hill Wood

Opening times

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Sydenham Hill, SE26
Entrance - Sydenham Hill and Crescent Wood Road

How to get there

Rail - Forest Hill and Sydenham Hill
Bus - 63
Car / bike - no designated parking areas

Facilities and features

  • duck and wildlife ponds - a few small ponds dotted around the woods, providing a haven for wildlife, attracting ducks, geese, frogs, toads and other wildlife
  • old railway path - this footpath winds through the woods following the track of the old railway line; a footbridge passes over the remains of the track (the impressionist painter Camille Pissarro painted Lordship Lane Station)
  • 'Ancient' ruin - a ruined monastery lies in the midst of the woods surrounded by brambles and ivy, a folly that once graced someone's garden
  • wood sculptures - if you look carefully between the tree trunks and branches, you may see some naturalistic wood sculptures by local artists
  • 18th century path to the pub - at the edge of the woods bordering the golf course, you can find a path called Cox's Walk that once led to the Green Man public house. This path was apparently created by the publican of the Green Man in the early 18th century when the golf course was farmland; presumably the path was created to encourage locals to take an ale at the pub

Park Rangers

The woods are visited monthly by the mobile Park Rangers. The London Wildlife Trust is responsible for the upkeep of the park.

About the park

Managed by London Wildlife Trust, this historic woodland area is fun to explore and full of interesting sights.

Friends group

Local residents take an active role in projects run by the London Wildlife Trust. Information is available on the notice boards at the site entrances.

Page last updated: 23 February 2021


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