Parks update - COVID-19

Our parks are all open as usual, but the following park facilities are re-opening in line with government guidance from 29 March 2021 - all outdoor sports venues, including football, tennis and basketball courts, grass and astro-turf pitches, outdoor gyms, cricket nets and skate parks.

Biodiversity agenda

As part of our commitment to encourage even greater biodiversity and address the Climate Emergency, we are reviewing the way we maintain grassed areas.

Park users will notice that we have relaxed grass mowing in some areas of our parks. For example, around the edges of our parks, under trees and perhaps in existing conservation areas as well. If you look closely you will see greater diversity in wildflowers already. But, over time, and with a little careful management, we hope to see even more wildflowers blooming in these spaces. These will encourage more bees, butterflies and other local wildlife as well.

However, we understand that our parks play many roles for many people, and we have been careful to balance these new changes and ensure that there is still plenty of space for people to relax, have picnics, play sports and enjoy the outdoors. We can reassure you that we will continue to maintain plenty of grassed areas for this to continue as well.

Opening times

All of our parks are open 365 days a year (including Christmas and New Years Day).

Opening times

All parks with gates open by 7.30 am daily.   

Closing times

Closing times varies throughout the year, but it's usually at sunset that you must vacate our parks. You can find monthly closing times in the table below.


Closing Times


5 pm


6 pm

March (GMT*)

6.30 pm

March (BST*)

8 pm


8.30 pm


9 pm


9.30 pm


9.30 pm


9 pm


8 pm

October (BST*)

7 pm

October (GMT*)

5 pm


5 pm


4.30 pm

*GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) - times stated are valid until the clocks go forward one hour in March and from when the clocks go back one hour in October.

*BST (British Summer Time) - times stated are valid from when the clocks go forward one hour in March and until the clocks go back one hour in October.

Page last updated: 11 September 2018

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