Dickens Square Park

Opening times

Dickens Square Park is open at all times.


Falmouth Road, SE1
Entrances - Falmouth Road

How to get there

Tube - Borough Station, Elephant & Castle Station

About the park

Dickens Square is the small local park located off Falmouth Road, SE1, close the Rockingham, Lawson and Trinity Newington estates. Much of the surrounding residential area has been designated as a conservation area. Rockingham Adventure Playground occupies an adjacent site off Dickens Square.

Dickens Square Park and Butterfly Walk (which links Dickens Square and Brockham Street) are of local importance for nature conservation with11 bird species, including Blackcap and Green woodpecker.

Volunteers from the local community have been instrumental in improving bird habitats by cutting back shrub and bramble, planting native wild flowers and encouraging native hedgerows to develop.

Future park plans will improve Dickens Square and connections through the park, and maintain and enhance the biodiversity interest of this green oasis.

Page last updated: 11 September 2018