How controlled parking zones help

A controlled parking zone is a parking area that's restricted to people who hold a parking permit, vouchers or pay and display tickets. Parking bays will clearly show where it's safe to park and yellow lines will indicate where it's not. 

You can download our controlled parking zone information (pdf, 122kb)leaflet which provides a general introduction to controlled parking zones and gives examples of where it has helped Southwark residents and businesses. You can also see our before and after photos (pdf, 738kb) of existing controlled parking zones.

How a controlled parking zone can help

Whether you're a pedestrian, cyclist, motorist or travel on buses, you'll benefit from controlled parking zones as they provide:

  • more parking spaces for local residents and businesses (by preventing commuter and long stay parking)
  • prioritised parking for different types of motorists (eg. residents, disabled visitors, delivery companies, motorcycles, businesses)
  • less congestion
  • more convenient parking options for residents' visitors or trades persons
  • improved journey times for buses
  • greater reliability with your delivery slots
  • improved road safety (by designating where it's safe to park and where it's not)
  • cleaner air (by deterring non essential car journeys)
  • reduced noise levels
  • new developments (by reducing the impact on existing communities)
  • new businesses and assistance to existing businesses (by making available parking permits)
  • sustainable travel (by encouraging motorists to walk or cycle)

Page last updated: 03 October 2019