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Electric cars


What is the process for new EVCP applications within Southwark?

Requests are made through the council’s website generating an automated reply, this means your request has been received and awaiting processing.

Currently, limited funding is available therefore it is necessary to prioritise applications received, this is done considering ownership of electric vehicles (with proof of ownership required), date of application as well as site suitability. It may well be the lamp column outside your property doesn’t fulfil the requirements to allow installation and a secondary location will be chosen.

If considered appropriate, procurement of EV charge points and installation will then follow, in the current climate, this can take anywhere from 16 to 24 weeks from confirmation of survey results.

Please note multiple requests from the same address doesn’t give any priority but it will only take more staff time to process all the requests.

Can the Council signpost access to where these street charging points are and state how many charging points there are in Southwark?

All of the Chargers currently installed can be found using ZapMAP App or web link:

How do I use the charge points?

Full guidance and technical assistance can be found on the relevant suppliers

Southwark are not responsible for charging tariffs or management of applications. All EV points will have local signage.

When using the lamp column chargers, do I still have to pay the normal parking charge, or is it free for electric vehicles to park whilst charging?

Drivers of all vehicles must follow signage at parking bays.

Does Southwark offer discounted parking rates for drivers of Electric Vehicles (EVs)?

If you qualify for a resident's parking permit then you get a 75% discount per annum paying £31.25 instead of £125.

Will I have a designated parking bay and charging point after my request?

Bays will be open to use by all vehicles.

Following on from the government announcements about the encouragement of electric vehicles, would those who live in an area where they are not eligible for on street car parking get a parking permit for their local street?

The Council do not encourage the use of private vehicles, especially if new vehicles, even if electric and therefore those who are not eligible for on street car parking remain ineligible. The Council provides EVCP for current owners and people whose trips by private vehicle were already essential and they want to switch from a more polluting vehicle to electric. Electric vehicles still produce particulate matter, traffic and congestion and still occupy space on street and make the street environment unsafe for those who travel by sustainable modes.

If there isn't a charging point nearby would I be able to "reserve" the space in front of my house and apply to have an electric cable going from my house to the E car over the pavement (properly protected in ramped cable housing that is pedestrian friendly) to charge it?

No, this is highly dangerous and trailing a lead with a different earthing potential than Highways equipment connected to a PME system could be fatal. This could create a potential voltage on equipment on the highway, this must not be done!

Do I need permission from the Council to install a charging point outside of my property in my designated parking space?

If this is on your own property, you are free to do so but we recommend using the EV manufacturer’s recommendations in regards to installation and use.

Will having an electric vehicle be factored into when I apply for a dropped kerb or conversion of front garden?

No, this will follow the normal application process that you can find on the Highways licencing link

How much would it cost to fit an electric charging point to the existing lamppost outside my house?

We cannot allow specific residents to pay for lamp column conversions, as these are available for use by all residents and visitors.

Page last updated: 12 November 2021

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