Resident parking permit

If you live in a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in Southwark and own a vehicle, you may be permitted to purchase a resident parking permit.

Resident permit holders are permitted to park in permit bays and shared use (permit and paid for) bays in the CPZ where their permit is valid.

Our permit solution will automatically find your CPZ based on your address. However, if you'd like to look for parking spaces in Southwark or find your CPZ you can do so by viewing our parking zone maps.

On-street resident parking permits are not valid in council housing estate car parks and estate road permit bays and vice versa.

Many residents in properties in Southwark are eligible for a resident parking permit. However, some relatively new and converted properties have planning restrictions that designate the property as car free, and residents of those properties are not permitted to purchase a parking permit. To see if your property is permit free, search Southwark’s online planning register.

You can apply for a resident’s parking permit or renew a current permit below.

Apply for a resident's permit

Permit costs

Resident permit for ULEZ-compliant vehicles:

  • £20.65 - 1 month
  • £61.85 - 3 months
  • £123.75 - 6 months
  • £247.50 - 12 months

Resident permit for diesel non-ULEZ compliant vehicles

  • £26.70 - 1 month
  • £80.10 - 3 months
  • £160.20 - 6 months
  • £320.10 - 12 months

Discounted resident permits

  • motorbikes and mopeds - £32 (12 months)
  • hybrid vehicles - £41.25 (3 months) £82.50 (6 months) £165 (12 months)
  • electric vehicles - £20.65 (3 months) £41.25 (6 months) 
    £82.50 (12 months)
  • disabled badge holder’s vehicles - £30 (12 months)

Permit refunds

We'll refund the remaining duration on your permit if you:

  • have sold your vehicle
  • have moved out of a controlled parking zone
  • no longer require the permit

Please note we're unable to refund permit payments for part of a month. Once notified all remaining complete months will be refunded.

Southwark Parking Services
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If you're experiencing issues purchasing a permit, call us on 0800 138 9081 or 0344 800 2736 (find out about call charges) Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Page last updated: 28 March 2024


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