Resident parking permit

If you're a resident within a controlled parking zone who owns, keeps or has sole use of a vehicle, you can buy a resident parking permit.

You can find out which controlled parking zone you live in by viewing our controlled parking zone map.

If you own a property within a controlled parking zone but don't live there, you're not entitled to a resident's permit.

Some properties in controlled parking zones which have been built in the last ten years are part of car free developments where the resident does not have the right to apply for a parking permit.  Visit our planning applications search for more information.

Apply for a resident permit

Permit costs

  • £15.74 - 1 month
  • £36.58 - 3 months
  • £67.83 - 6 months
  • £125 - 12 months
  • motorbikes and mopeds - £31.25 (12 months)
  • hybrid and electric vehicles - £31.25 (12 months)
  • disabled badge holder’s vehicles - £31.25 (12 months)

Permit refund 

We'll refund the remaining duration left on your permit if you've:

  • sold your vehicle
  • moved out of a controlled parking zone
  • no longer require the permit

There is a charge of £14.50 admin fee for refunds or any changes made to the permit.

You must return your permit to us before we can issue a refund.

Southwark Parking Services
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Courtesy or hire cars

If you need to park a courtesy or hire car, you can purchase a daily or a one month resident visitor permit.

If your experiencing any issues purchasing a permit, you can call us on 0800 138 9081 or 0344 800 2736 (find out about call charges), Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm

Page last updated: 08 March 2019