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How to report a noise problem

We recognise that this is a difficult time for everyone, and that social distancing means a big change in the way people are living with people spending much more time in their homes. It's inevitable that you may experience a higher level of domestic noise from your neighbours. We would ask that residents try to show as much tolerance and understanding as possible.

If you wish to report noise nuisance or discuss a noise issue, contact 0207 525 5777 or email An officer from the Noise Team will contact you to discuss your case and give advice 

We can help with noise issues and other nuisances, such as smells, dust, fumes and lights. You can contact us online, via email or phone and all complaints are confidential.

What is a noise nuisance

A nuisance is something that prevents you from doing normal activities in your property. For example, a nuisance may prevent you from sleeping at night, watching TV or having a conversation during daytime.

Noise issues and nuisances that we can deal with

We can help if you're being disturbed by noise coming from:

  • amplified music
  • TV
  • parties
  • nightclubs and pubs including people outside making noise
  • DIY home renovation
  • some construction sites
  • barking dogs
  • alarms / car alarms
  • odours and fumes from commercial properties
  • smoke
  • commercial venues and events
  • dust or noise from some works or equipment in the street
  • fireworks at night from 11pm to 7am - extensions exist for the following festivals:
    • first day of Chinese New Year until 1am the following day
    • on the day of Diwali until 1am the following day
    • New Year's Eve until 1am on New Year's Day
    • 05 November until midnight

Noise issues that we can't deal with

We're unable to deal with noise resulting from:

  • traffic, trains and planes
  • some domestic (household) noises, including:
    • footsteps
    • doors closing
    • babies crying/children playing
    • kitchen appliances being used during daytime and early evenings
  • DIY activities during daytime

You can still contact us to report any of the complaints above when the noise is happening. In some cases, our noise team may be able to help by involving other people (for example, if they're unable to witness the problem or where there may be dispute between neighbours).

Please contact the antisocial behaviour team if noise or other nuisances are being used as tools to harass you or your household

Report a noise problem

The table below shows the best way to report a noise problem.

If noise is not happening right now

Contact us online

If noise is happening right now, during service operation hours

Call 020 7525 5777

Find out about call charges

If noise is happening right now, but during out of service operation hours

Contact us online

If you'd like to report an on-going noise issue

Contact us online

Service operation hours

The Noise service is available from:

  • 7am Friday continuously through to Tuesday morning (24 hours)
  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7am to 2.30am
  • the Noise & Nuisance Team will be closed from midnight Christmas eve (24 December) until 5pm Boxing Day (26 December)
  • if the noise is still a problem, officers (carrying ID badges) will visit and assess the noise

What action can be taken 

If something is assessed as a nuisance, we can:

  1. Try to stop the nuisance.
  2. Serve a notice.
  3. Prosecute if the notice is breached.
  4. Seize equipment if the notice is breached (usually for ongoing complaints).

What happens after we receive your call request

  • officers will call you back to check if noise is still happening and to discuss a convenient time to visit
  • If the noise is still a problem, officers (carrying ID badges) will visit you and assess the noise; if it's not convenient to visit your property we will endeavour to visit the area, and if we can establish the source of the noise, we will ask them if can they reduce the noise
  • if the noise is a nuisance, we'll take action against the person causing the noise in order to stop the disturbance

Your options

If the noise is something we can't deal with, such as footsteps, you can take your own action under s82 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Visit the Citizens Advice website for more information on how to take your own legal action against noisy neighbours.


Page last updated: 20 December 2022


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