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About firework misuse or deliberate fire setting

We're working hard to reduce the likelihood of firework misuse and deliberate fire setting and we won't tolerate:

  • eggs or missiles being thrown in public
  • illegal bonfires in public places such as parks or open land on housing estates
  • fireworks being set off in public places or after 11pm
  • the sale of fireworks to under 18s

If you know of anybody letting off fireworks dangerously or damaging your area to build bonfires, call the police on 999.

 Report firework misuse

The law prohibits any person under the age of 18 from possessing fireworks in a public place. Those caught damaging property, building illegal bonfires or letting off fireworks dangerously could receive:

  • fixed penalty notices and on the spot fines
  • criminal prosecution
  • acceptable behaviour contracts (abc)
  • injunctions

If you're a council tenant, or tenant of a housing association property, the council or your landlord may take you to court and ask for you to be evicted from your home.

Seasonal safety information

Keep your property safe over the Halloween and bonfire period.



  • put a sign up at the front of your house saying "no trick or treaters"; if you don't want people coming to your door over Halloween. You can download a 'no trick or treat' poster from the MET police website.

  • lock all your doors and windows before you go out. Pay particular attention to the back of your premises - a popular entry point for burglars.

  • keep your shed and/or garage doors locked. If your garage has a door which goes directly into your house, make sure that is locked too.

  • close your curtains and leave a light on in the room (not the hall) when you are out for the evening

  • masking tape your letter box shut if you are worried about fireworks being put through your letter box

  • leave combustible materials such as paper for recycling or washing outside your home

  • leave door keys in hiding places such as under a door mat; thieves know all the hiding places

  • leave a window open a few inches for the cat to get in or out; burglars find this very useful too

  • leave ladders around; if you must leave them outside make sure they are padlocked to something secure

Page last updated: 20 December 2022


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