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Adults services - strength based framework

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Southwark Adult Social Care’s dynamic teams work together in a collaborative and creative way. They share their collective knowledge and experiences with the aim being to support our citizens and their informal carers to look at their life and circumstances holistically.

Strength based framework

Our Social Workers focus on the strengths and resourcefulness of citizens and their carers whilst supporting them to overcome the barriers they may face due to their life situation.

As professionals, we believe in helping our citizens to unlock their inner potential. We work with their wellbeing at the forefront of our practice. If a citizen lacks the mental capacity to understand specific decisions, we work with them and their informal care network to ensure that any actions taken are done in their best interests.

We recognise the importance of family, social networks, and the wider community in enabling citizens to live the lives they choose safely and without fear.

We're aware of all the hard work informal carers do and the vital role they play. Therefore, we aim to work in a collaborative and supportive way to ensure they're fully empowered to continue.

We equally recognise the variety of skills and abilities our workforce offers as individuals and as part of a team. We value their judgement and ability to break through barriers to coproduce the outcomes our citizens need when they most need it.

We believe in citizens, like John, who felt trapped in his own home following a stroke and the loss of his wife of 20 years. Through timely intervention, John was able to see beyond his four walls, come to terms with his loss and regain confidence in himself once more. This is something that would not have been possible without our committed workforce.

We work with many people like John who could not overcome their challenges without you who apply for our jobs.

Our workforce has a passion for people, an ability to see them without prejudice or judgment, and a willingness to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team.

Crucially, the heart of everything we do starts with our citizens and their carers, but we need your knowledge, commitment, passion and drive to continue to work with them and improve their wellbeing and quality of living.

Watch our video about social work in Southwark below.

Adult’s Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE)

At Southwark, our social workers want our citizens to have freedom, choice and control over their lives.

With this in mind, we are excited to share our refreshed Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) programme with you, which offers a highly supportive and challenging environment that will provide you with a strong foundation for an excellent social work career.

Our ASYE offers a structured and time-protected programme of learning and development. As a newly qualified social worker (NQSW), you will be part of a professional community of practitioners who believe in practising in a strength based way. We believe that strength based practice extends not only to our citizens, their support networks and local community groups but also organisationally.

As an NQSW, you will hold a protected caseload and have access to a broad array of learning opportunities. These will help develop your practice knowledge and critical reflection skills. We believe that by giving our NQSWs the right tools from the outset they will be best placed to enable our citizens to achieve their outcomes.

Among the opportunities we offer are individual and group supervision with an ASYE Assessor/Team Manager, reflective practice groups, 1 to 1 reflective discussions with Professional Educators, consultations with clinical practitioners, as well as an extensive catalogue of training offered internally as well as with partner organisations.

David Larcher, Principal Social Worker and Strategic Lead for Safeguarding Adults and DoLS
David Larcher, Principal Social Worker and Strategic Lead for Safeguarding Adults and DoLS

Southwark is a diverse local authority and we are proud to say that this is reflected in our workforce. We believe that our practitioners enrich our community by bringing in their own experience,  ideas, knowledge and skills.

Our ASYE recruitment cycle takes place throughout the year dependent upon current vacancies.

At Southwark, we prioritise the wellbeing of our citizens and social workers. Support does not end with the completion of your ASYE. We're proud to say that we have a strong learning culture promoting professional growth and career progression.

So if you're interested in considering our offer we're eager to hear from you!

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Page last updated: 24 April 2024


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