Gas safety

We're committed to gas safety in your home, so we make sure to:

  • maintain landlord owned gas appliances and flues in our homes every year as part of a gas safety check (we don’t check tenant owned appliances)
  • use engineers who are registered with the Gas Safe register
  • check all gas pipes and flues during the servicing
  • give you a copy of the gas service certificate

To find out why we must do annual gas safety checks, see the Health and Safety Executive website.

You have a responsibility to allow us entry into your home to carry out yearly gas safety checks and necessary repairs. If you deny us access:

  • we’ll apply to the court for a warrant for entry 
  • we’ll leave notification of the forced entry and our officers will make sure your home is left secure
  • we may need to change the locks (we'll explain how to collect your new keys)

If you're a homeowner and have an individual boiler in your property it must be regularly serviced. This is a legal requirement if you rent out your property. As an owner of an ex-Southwark council property, you can use our contractors to do a gas safety service for your boiler. Go to our gas servicing webpage for more information.

Gas leaks and repairs

If you smell gas:

  • turn off the gas supply at the gas meter; if you can't turn the gas off or find your meter, leave your home and call 0800 111 999*
  • extinguish all naked flames – don’t smoke, strike matches or lighters
  • don't turn lights or power switches on or off and don't use any electrical equipment
  • open all doors and windows
  • call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999* and follow the advice given
  • tell us what's happening by calling 020 7525 2500* (we'll send out a gas engineer to check if you and your home are safe)

* Find out about call charges

You can report heating repairs in your MySouthwark account if you're a council tenant. If you own your gas appliances, you're responsible for any repairs

If you have any further queries about gas safety contact Engineering Services.

Page last updated: 24 April 2024


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