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Tenant Management Organisations (TMOs)

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What is a TMO?
How to set up a TMO
TMO Governance
Tenancy rights for residents living on TMO estates
Support for TMOs
More information on TMOs
Contact a TMO

What is a TMO?

Tenant management is where the tenants in an area provide some or all housing management tasks on behalf of the council. 

Some TMOs manage a handful of homes while others manage large estates of around 2500 homes. Small TMOs may rely mainly on voluntary effort but most have staff such as housing managers, caretakers and repair workers.

Resident members of the TMO become an independent legal body. They usually elect a tenant led management committee to run the organisation. The TMO can then enter into a legal management agreement (contract) with the landlord. The TMO is paid annual management and maintenance allowances.

What TMOs do

Typical tasks overseen by TMOs can include:

  • cleaning and caretaking
  • collecting rents and chasing arrears
  • day to day repairs and maintenance
  • dealing with anti-social behaviour
  • dealing with neighbour disputes
  • employing staff to carry out these functions
  • ensuring the tenants are informed and listened to
  • letting the houses to new tenants
  • major works
  • managing and controlling the budget for management and maintenance
  • services to leaseholders
  • statutory consultation

Read more about what TMOs do in our guide to TMOs (PDF, 1mb).

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How to set up a TMO

Our guide to TMOs explains the steps you need to follow to set up a TMO.  (PDF, 1mb)

Have a question about TMOs?

  1. Call our tenant management team on 020 7525 4748
  2. Email our tenant management team
  3. See the council policy for the development of TMOs

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TMO Governance

TMOs are legal bodies and can register as Community Interest Companies or companies limited by guarantee. They may also be registered with the Financial Conducts Authority (FCA) as a Co-operative or a Community Benefit Society.

You can find out more about TMO governance in our guide to TMOs. (PDF, 1mb)

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Tenancy rights for residents living on TMO estates

Your tenancy rights or the ownership of your home are not affected by the establishment of a TMO.

Tenants have exactly the same rights as if they were under our management, including:

  • security of tenure
  • right to exchange
  • right to buy
  • right to repair
  • rent levels set as for other council tenants

Tenants remain secure tenants of the council. For leaseholders, the lease stays the same so you have the same rights and obligations.

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Support for TMOs

Our policy is to support TMOs based on the following principles:

  • to make sure all our tenants and homeowners are treated fairly
  • to achieve the council's priorities for offering housing
  • to help TMOs to deliver a housing management service equal to that of the council's Housing and Modernisation department
  • to promote diversity and the council’s diversity standard

The council hosts a meeting for TMO boards/committees twice a month. This is called the Southwark TMO Committee. The meeting is a space for:

  • TMOs and the council discuss topics of mutual interest
  • the council to consult with TMOs on policy and process
  • the council to support and encourage TMOs to be sustainable and vibrant organisations
  • strengthening partnership between the council and the wider TMO community

More information on TMOs

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Contact a TMO

Southwark currently has 17 TMOs comprising 4,609 properties of which 2,972 are rented by council tenants and 1,637 are leasehold or freehold.

Applegarth TMC

159a Applegarth House, Nelson Square Gardens, SE1 0QA
020 7620 1699

Brenchley Gardens TMC

163 Brenchley Gardens, SE23 3RF
020 7564 1258

Browning EMA

Browning EMA, 57-59 Browning Street, SE17 1LU
020 7708 0708

Cooper Close Co-operative

64 Cooper Close, Waterloo Road, SE1 7QU
020 7620 1041

Delawyk RMO

108 Delawyk Crescent, Herne Hill, SE24 9JB
020 7737 1866

D'Eynsford TMO

38 Mary Datchelor Close SE5 7DY
020 7525 0745

Fair Community Housing Services

Horselydown Offices, 2 Fair Street, SE1 2XA
020 7378 0547

Falcon Point Management Group

56 Hopton St, SE1 9JH
020 7633 0873

Gloucester Grove TMO

Wickway Court, Cator Street, SE15 6QD
020 3643 6941

Haddonhall Residents TMO

50b Rephidim St, SE1 4XD
020 7403 6640

Kennington Park House Co-operative

Club Room, Kennington Park Place, SE11 4JT
020 7582 9522

Leathermarket JMB

26 Leathermarket St, SE1 3HN
020 7450 8000

Styles House TMO

Styles House, The Cut, SE1 8DF
020 7928 6864

Two Towers TMC

83 Lupin Point, Abbey St, SE1 2DW
020 7237 9943

Webber & Quentin TMO

Webber & Quentin TMO - Living Space, 1 Coral Street, London SE1 7BE
020 7620 3001

Willowbrook TMC

24 Shurland Gdns, Willowbrook Estate, SE15 6JY
020 7708 0357

Wrayburn Community Organisation

Wrayburn Community Organisation - 139 Jamaica Road, London SE16 4SH
020 7018 5355

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Page last updated: 09 February 2023


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