Help with empty properties

Do you own an empty property, live next door to one or know of an empty property in your area?

Has it been vandalised, broken into or squatted? As an owner are you fed up with trying to maintain and secure your empty property, and fed up with the amount of money you are losing on it? Or are you a neighbour living next door to an empty property?

Southwark Council does not give council tax discounts for empty and unfurnished properties. The full charge is payable for empty properties unless they're exempt, and additional premiums are applied for long term empty properties. Find further information here.

Empty homes loans and grants

A limited number of loan and grant products are available. You could receive a grant of up to £10,000 per unit to help with refurbishments or conversion, in return for letting the property through a council run scheme; or up to £8,000 loan to let privately or reoccupy.

Where the assessed level of disrepair is very high, fixed fee loans are also available of up to £15,000 per unit for owners wishing to rent privately, reoccupy or in certain circumstances it may be used together with a grant where the property is to be used on a council run scheme. 

Works and lease packages

You could take the hassle out of the refurbishment process by letting to a housing charity, social enterprise or housing association to do the work and lease the property instead.

Private sector leasing scheme

This scheme offers guaranteed rents, free management and internal repairs for ready to let properties. Your property could be leased by the council or one of our partners.

Finders fee schemes

Once your property is ready for occupation and you want to rent it yourself, we provide you details of a tenant and an incentive instead of the tenant having to find a deposit.

General and technical advice

We will provide advice on how to bring your home back into use and on the building or refurbishment process.

Letting the property yourself

We can provide advice on finding tenants, lettings and becoming an accredited landlord.

Selling the property on

You could sell your property to individuals or companies that have the money to renovate and bring it back into use. 

To report an empty property you can call 020 7525 4082 or email

For more information view the The following link opens in a new windowempty homes information pack:

Page last updated: 13 April 2022

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