Making alterations to your home

If you are a Southwark Council leaseholder or freeholder, you will need to seek permission for certain alterations as per the terms of your lease or freehold transfer agreement. This is in addition to any planning and/or building control approval that may be required.

Please seek advice before undertaking alterations. Completing alterations without obtaining consent may result in you having to reinstate the work and/or be subject to breach of lease proceedings.

For information on the Permission to Alter process, please download our guidance notes (pdf, 109kb).

Submitting an application for alterations will not guarantee that your alterations will be accepted. Should your alterations not be acceptable, your application will be declined and your application fee will be non-refundable.

In assessing your application we will consider (but not limited to) the following:

  • building’s structure
  • fire safety regulations
  • the council’s current and future repair and maintenance obligations and
  • other residents in the building

Request permission to alter your property

If you carry out any alterations without obtaining the relevant permission, you will be in breach of your lease / transfer agreement. The Council can demand that you reinstate the property to its original condition, at your cost, if the alterations do not comply with Council standards. A retrospective application does not guarantee Council approval

Page last updated: 22 July 2019