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Subletting an ex-council home

The council’s lease does not stop you from subletting your home to other people. Although you don’t need the council’s permission you should provide some further details.

  • Tell us your new contact details so we can contact you in emergencies and send you important service charge information
  • Tell us if your property is empty for longer than 60 days as it may affect the building insurance cover in place

Please read our important information for landlords and HMO licencing.

Tell us about your change

Short term lets

We're aware that a growing number of council homeowners are letting their properties on a short term basis, through various online platforms.

For leaseholders, your lease places conditions on the use and occupation of your property. Short term letting is considered a breach of the lease covenant “not to use or suffer the flat to be used for any purpose other than as a private dwelling house.”

You have also promised, “not to do or permit or suffer to be done any act or thing which may be or become a nuisance or annoyance to the council or to the lessees' owners or occupiers of adjoining or neighbouring property.” Noise nuisance, over-occupation and damage to communal areas can all result from the use of properties as short term lets.

Council freeholders should check the terms of their covenant.

Southwark council does not give approval for short term lets and may take legal action against you.

If in doubt about your responsibilities, you should seek independent legal advice.

Page last updated: 21 September 2021


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