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Remortgaging your ex-council property

If you’ve applied for a new mortgage or to borrow more money, or if you're a lender or solicitor and your client is remortgaging, then the mortgage provider may need information from us. The remortgage pack includes:

  • current service charge account balance and statement (including ground rent)
  • number of properties currently sold within the block range
  • details of section 146 notices served on the property for non-payment of the service charge and any additional courts fees and interest payable
  • building insurance schedule and policy booklet (leasehold properties only)
  • notice fee
  • landlord’s name and address
  • details of any management company acting on our behalf

If you also need details of planned major works you can view our major works investment programme.

Get a remortgage pack

  • standard remortgage pack costs £114.50
  • remortgage pack including confirmation of section 20 notices served on the property and planned major works to the block and estate costs £239.50

We aim to send the pack within 10 working days of payment, but we can offer a 2 working day service for £203.00 (or £328.00 if your lender needs details of planned major works) depending on available resources.

Other enquiries

If you’ve already bought a remortgage pack from us and need more information, you can make an enquiry.

Remortgages - Make an enquiry

Page last updated: 01 April 2022

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